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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanking and Praising Your Kids

I was counting my blessings and realized that I am blessed even more than I ever realized.  There are times that I find that I take my children for granted.  I don't give them enough credit for what they do and I don't thank them near enough.
In reflecting on the changes I have started to make in my life this year, I am adding another one.  I plan to let my daughters know how much I love and appreciate them.
Both of my daughters have blessed me a lot this week.  They have shown me that they truly do realize the hours I put into working outside of the home as well as the hours I am putting into building my home business.  My youngest, who is 13, cleaned the living room and kitchen for me.  She did a very thorough cleaning too. Then, my oldest, who is 17, realized how tired I was after sitting all day in a corporate meeting. She went to town and bought groceries for me and brought us home some dinner while I was napping.  When she got home with the groceries, she put them all away.  These seems don't seem like big things to some people, but to me, they are like moving mountains!  They allowed me to take a much needed rest and to be able to reflect on my own short comings. 
As parents, it is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of pointing out the things we want our children to do differently...but we don't offer them enough thanks and praise for the things they do that we appreciate.  If we aren't letting them know how much we appreciate what they do and them for just being them...then we are taking them for granted.  I do not want to take another second of their lives for granted.  I want them to know and understand how much I appreciate them.
If we watch the news at all we see the "trouble" that many teens find...people like to share bad news...but I want to make a point to bring the positives into the lives of my daughters.  I want to praise them for the all they do and if they make a mistake...I want to look for a positive way to encourage the positive change that needs to take place.  Correcting doesn't have to be a negative issue!
So, let's all hug our children and tell them how much we love and appreciate them. Let's not just assume that they know.  One thing about homeschooling...I find I learn from my children every day.  They can teach you some wonderful life lessons. Let's not ever be too busy to listen and let's enjoy the time we have with them!

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