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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom...The Glue That Holds The Family Together

Good evening.  I went to a funeral today. It was a simple graveside service.  We were all gathered around waiting on the pastor to arrive and visiting with one another.  One of the younger generation made the comment that this was like a family reunion only on a sad note because of the loss of a loved one.  Comments were made about how we haven't seen different ones for years.  My mom made the comment that she had come from a rather large family.  Her mom passed away several years ago.  Before her mom passed away we all always got together over the holidays and we had a yearly family reunion to keep in contact with the others.  Since my grandmother's passing...just about the only time we see one another is at a funeral.  Her brothers and she just don't get together the way they used too.  As this was being discussed someone else commented that the MOTHER is the glue that holds the family together.  You know, I believe they were right!

I'm not saying that dad's aren't important, because they are very important...but dad earns the money when you are growing up and mom is with the kids most of the time.  As the kids grow up, they still come to mom when they are sick or their kids are sick, or they just feel they need someone.  Mom is always there.  When we quarrel with our siblings, we each vent to mom and she offers us the advice we need to have reconciliation.  What happens when mom isn't physically with us any more though?  Where is that glue that holds the family together. Mom would never want us to be so scattered and out of touch...no, her dream would be that we still get together and allow her to live in our memories and the stories we tell of those memories!

If you are blessed enough to still have your mom, call her tonight or in the morning and tell her how much you love her and how much she means to you.  If she's not still physically with you...call your siblings and touch base with them. See how they are doing and what new is going on in their lives.  Let them know that you love and miss them and try to schedule a time that you all can visit together and share your memories.

Life is too short. We aren't promised tomorrow.  If there is a rift with you and your siblings..now is the time to make reconciliation.  It doesn't matter who was at fault. It takes 2 to quarrel...set aside those differences and reunite with your family.  Family is one of the most valuable gifts God blessed us with!

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