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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life is Like a Bowl of Chocolates

Remember watching Forrest Gump and Forrest is sitting on the park bench with his chocolates for Jenny and eating a few while he waits on the bus...he is talking to the lady and he tells her that his mom always said life is like a box of chocolates...Well, there really is some truth in that.  In a box of chocolates the outside pretty much all looks the same...but on the inside you might have fudge or peanut butter or an array of other things.  It is a given that you probably do not like ALL of the chocolates.  I remember as a kid getting a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day.  I would poke my finger into the chocolate before I picked it up to eat it because there were ones in that box that I didn't like and I didn't want those in my mouth!

What does this have to do with life?  Well, just like a box of chocolates, life comes with things we don't like.  It comes with illnesses, grief, stress and worry.  These things do not have to steal our joy.  Having joy doesn't mean that we are happy.  There is a difference in joy and happiness.  Our joy comes from the Lord and we can decide if we will allow something to steal that joy.  Unlike a box of chocolates, we can't stick our finger in the tests of life and see if it is something we like and not pick it up if it isn't.  All we can do is walk through that test.  We can decide how we will react to that test.  It is a decision that we have to make.

Most everything in our life revolves around the choices we make. We may not get to choose all of life's circumstances but we can choose how we react to those circumstances. If someone is ugly to us, are we ugly to them? I hope not..but that is a choice we have to make. We choose how to react to them and move forward from there.  If we don't make the right choice the 1st time...chances are we get to take that test again.  Think of it as God is our teacher. In school if a child fails he/she doesn't move forward. They haven't learned those basics.  Why did they fail? Was it poor study habits, school wasn't their priority, circumstances out of their control?  It could have been all of those reasons but the result is the same, they didn't pass so they don't get to move forward without repeating.  This happens to us in life too.  When we make our choices we need to consider how they affect others as well as ourselves.  Scripture tells us to pray for our enemies.  We can do that.  Sometimes it may be hard because we are hurt but we don't have to let our feelings rule our life...we can still make proper choices.  We need to remember that every action we take comes with consequences whether good or bad and we have to accept those consequences.

As Valentine's Day approaches...the "season of love"...let's make sure we are sharing love with others.  Let's treat them the way we want to be treated. If they do something to offend us let's release that offense and forgive...not hanging on to it and allowing it to grow into bitterness.  Let's consider that maybe they had a bad day and things were just taken out on us. Let's pray blessings on them, choose to forgive them, and be blessed ourselves through this process.  When life throws the chocolates at us that we don't like...don't throw them back. Accept them and work through them with the help of our Lord.  He is willing and able to help us through.  Let every action and thought we have bring glory and honor to Him.  Praise Him through the storms of life and when the storms calm you will be able to see that He was right there with you through it all.  The "bad" things in our lives is not necessarily for punishment. It doesn't mean that you sinned and God is getting you...we don't always know the reasons why we have to face those things...but we can know that everything, good and bad, happens because God allows it and if He allows it...it is for our ultimate good.  It may be for soul correction...it may be to help someone else.  Whatever the reason is...there is light at the end of the dark tunnel...and He is lighting your path to get you through to the other side.

What does any of this have to do with operating a home business?  For me...it was seeing some of these circumstances in my own life.  It was seeing that the road we have travelled the last 19 years was leading to the same place....living pay check to pay check..not having any extra...not being prepared for life's tests...not being prepared for the future.  When the realization that this just wasn't working hit me I knew there had to be a change...but what should that change be?  A friend approached me about a business opportunity where I could earn some residual income.  I looked over the business...but still had questions.  This did peak my interest though.  I started researching home businesses and let me tell you there are many out there.  I did this research for about a year.  I didn't start the business my friend introduced to me...but in my research found one that I felt was a better match for me for several different reasons.  January 9, 2011; I started my home business.  Is it something that will make me rich? I don't know.  I can't see the future.  I do believe I can do well with this business though and in the short time I have been running this business I have already started to see changes in myself...how I think, what I do, and have started reaching some of my goals.  I put some substance to my faith. I had been praying about my finances and was introduced to a business, did the research, invested in a business of my own [1st goal met that was set 1 year ago], and I was able to payoff a debt last week! Praise the Lord!  I am not debt free...but I am working my way there.  I still have goals to meet...I want to have my home business earning what I make working outside of my home each month within the 1st year.  I want to get these debts paid off and be debt free within 2 years and hopefully within 5 years earn enough that my wonderful husband can retire if he chooses to.  I realized that we are slaves to our employers.  I want the freedom that comes with owning my business and most importantly... I want my business to bring glory and honor to God.  I want to be able to help those in need and bless my church.

So, you see...life is like a box of chocolates...we choose if we want to eat them or pass them by.  I am offering you an opportunity now too. You see, my home business is being an Independent Watkins Associate.  Watkins has been selling their products since 1868.  That's a long time.  They have earned the reputation they have of having top quality, natural products. They've earned integrity and respect. They have paid their dues, so to speak.  Their quality speaks for itself.  These are things that helped me choose Watkins.  You, too, have an opportunity now to choose Watkins. We are still looking for independent associates.  So, if you are tired of walking down the same street day after day and seeing the same results. If you are ready for change that can change your circumstances.  If you are ready to put some substance to your faith, then I offer you this opportunity.  The start up cost is $39.95.  For more information on becoming a Watkins Independent Associate click this link www.tsginfo.com/index.php?rc=BT6799.


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