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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why Are We Playing Hide and Seek?

Good evening.  I pray this blog makes sense.  I have the flu and my mind has been a little foggy all day...but I am feeling a little better now.  I was  just looking at a few of the sites I frequent regularly.  One of those is cafemom.com.  I saw a post from a member that really put some questions in my head.  Questions I really don't have the answer to.

I just started my home business in January. I love what I do.  I am an Independent Watkins Associate.  I signed up to be a Watkins Associate through The Summit Group.  Another wonderful company which has partnered with Watkins for a "word of mouth" kind of advertising.  It is a win - win situation.  I sell Watkins Products and I try to see if anyone else is interested in becoming a Watkins Associate. That is what I do.  I love it.  I didn't jump into it too quickly. I had been researching home businesses for some time.

So, any way...what this lady posted makes sense.  Here are some snippets from her post:
"So I was looking through some of the "ads" on the _______forum in the group. Just checking out the opportunities out there. I have spent a few years looking for LEGIT opportunities and have had small success except with a few. But the one thing that always bugs me is that most of the time when you see the person's ad... they never really specify what the actual job is or what it entails.

It is a bit annoying actually and I tend to just ignore those ads. Because to me... an ad should specify the job that is being offered and what the work position is about and requires. Most of the time you will just see some info on how great it is and how successful people are with it. But I still have absolutely no clue at all what the job is about. Then they usually have a link or something directing you for more information and sometimes even after clicking that it still never really gives you information but rather asks you to fill in your information or whatnot. So... here is a tip for anyone who is trying to build your referral list or actually want Moms to show some interest in your ad... Give as much information as possible about the work opportunity you are writing about!"
So, here goes my questions.  Why do MLM type businesses advertise this way?  There does seem to be a "stigma" with MLM type businesses. A lot of people do not take them seriously because of the need to create a downline. I have heard it called "pyramid" and "scams"...I have probably used those terms myself, ignorantly.  While I am in a type of MLM type business, with ours, you have a choice if you want to create a downline or if you just want to retail the products or do both.  But it does seem that this kind of advertising is WHY some people feel the way they do. I know, some people are just going to express negative opinions no matter what you tell them... so, is the hide and seek or cat and mouse to screen for serious entrepreneurs?  I'm just curious and yes, this is a question I have posed to some in my upline because I really want to know.
I am proud to be connected with The Summit Group and Watkins, Inc.  They both have a verifiable history and an integrity that surpasses many I have seen...which I why I chose to start my business with them.  They are honest and tell you it's not a way to get rich quick...but with hard work and dedication, the sky is the limit with your business.  They tell you it takes discipline to run your business and make it successful.  They offer you great training and the tools necessary to get started...so, we don't have to play cat and mouse or hide and seek...just tell people the truth about what you do and the benefits of your business.  It's not a big secret.

If you are in a business that is selling products...use your products! How else can you tell your customers if they work! I use mine...and LOVE them!  My husband has also fallen in Love with Watkins Products. :)  He is working hard for me...taking orders and sharing the business...and just think...he didn't want to work my business but supported me in it.  They [the products] have changed his mind! :)
I look forward to any comments you may have and if you know the answers to my question...PLEASE share it! :)  Don't forget to click FOLLOW and find me on Facebook .  Don't forget to click "LIKE". :)

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