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Friday, February 18, 2011

Encouraging Week

Good afternoon!  This week, for me and many others, has been a type of "spiritual strength training".  We some times have those. It doesn't mean you are being punished or that you have a black cloud hanging over your head. It is a way that we can draw closer to God and learn from him the things he had to teach us.  Many of us run from these types of trainings because they are uncomfortable and often times painful.  I encourage you to draw close to God during these times of strength training. Remember, He didn't necessarily promise us an easy life, just that he would be there with us! Isn't it comforting to know that we do not have to face these things alone?

I am truly blessed by Him. He has blessed me with a great family, wonderful friends, and a new business that I am so excited about.  I can see the blessings he is pouring in.  Just today, he added a great new team member to my team.  I am so excited.

So, when the storms of life are raining down on you...just remember to PRAISE HIM THROUGH THE STORM!

Thanks to everyone who is following my blog and facebook fan page.  I pray you are encouraged by what you find here!

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