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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Helping Spread the Gospel to Kenya

My Dear Valued Customers and Friends:
When I opened my business, one of the goals I set for myself was to be able to help others. That has always been my heart's desire.  Well, there is a need.  A dear friend of mine and a great Teacher of the Scriptures is joining with Dr. Hollisa Alewine to Spread the Good News of the Gospel through The Creation Gospel in Kenya in April.  There are great expenses in a trip like this.  I am asking you to order from me, not so I can make a profit, but so I can donate part of the money needed for this trip she is taking.  When we pray and tell God we want to help others, He makes a way for us to do that.  My pledge is that I am donating earnings to this trip.  Read below for details on the trip.  I appreciate all orders that you bring to me, even when I am not using the proceeds in this way...but I praise Him even more when you join with me in an endeavor like this.  So, my request to you is to please help me help Joan Pennington and Dr. Hollisa Alewine get to Kenya to spread God's love to them.
Thank you in advance from my whole heart.
PS - You can order online if you would like to at www.watkinsonline.com/rsanders

Trip Details:
The Call of the Gospel
To those who love HaShem, and desire to see His kingdom come!
From April 20 – 26 {which is during the Feast of Unleavened Bread} Dr. Hollisa Alewine and her protégée Joan Pennington will be in Kenya to train others in the ministry of the Creation Gospel.  Kenyan pastors have themselves asked them to come for this purpose, as they have groups there who are keeping Sabbath but are facing opposition from other believers to keeping the Feasts of HaShem.
Isaiah 40:9 “O Zion, who brings good tidings: get up into the high mountain!  O Jerusalem, who brings good tidings: lift up your voice with strength!  Lift it up, and be not afraid; say to the cities of Judah, “Behold: your G-d!!!
Isaiah 41:26Who declared it from the beginning, that we might know? and beforehand, that we might say, “He is right”? There was NONE who declared it – none who proclaimed and none who heard your words! 27 I [HaShem] was the first to say to Zion, “Behold, here they are!” and I sent to Jerusalem one who brings good tidings!
Isaiah 52:7 – How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that brings good tidings [basar; gospel], that publishes peace, that brings good tidings of good, that publishes salvation, that says unto Zion, “Your G()d reigns!
Nahum 1:15 – Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that brings good tidings, that publishes peace!  O Judah, keep your solemn Feasts; perform your vows, for the wicked shall no more pass through you: he is utterly cut off!
Carrying the freeing message of the good tidings – the gospel – involves the proclamation of the Feasts!  It is in the Feasts that we have our past, our present, and our future.  If you are reading this message and are unfamiliar with the Creation Gospel ministry, please go to www.thecreationgospel.com and read the home page.
The article I am writing to you today is on the behalf of the sending forth of the Gospel, wherein there is a two-fold plea: one is that much prayer support is needed, and the other is that financial help would be appreciated.  Regarding the expenses:
Dr. Holli and Joan must first travel to Washington D.C. to secure visas for the trip; the necessary flights will cost them each $400, plus it is necessary to spend one night at a hotel there.  The overseas flight will cost them each $1900.  If you would like to support this ministry, please follow this link:
I’m not sure whether there is a space on the donation page to specify what the donation is for, but supporting the Creation Gospel ministry itself DOES support this trip or a check can be made to (Joan Pennington) for Kenya trip .

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