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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Where is the Balance?

Good Morning!  I read this blog this morning that threw some questions at us. Something to really make us take a close look at ourselves and go..."Hmmm".  In "Are you a content consumer or creator?", Brian Solis quickly gets his point across. I know it really made me take a look at myself.  Do I consume more than I create? Is there a balance there?  There has to be a balance in everything we do in life...not just in reading and writing blogs.  When things get out of balance or go "outside of the boundaries" it causes disruptions in our life.  There are many good blogs out there, a lot of information to learn...but what are you doing with that knowledge once you consume it?  It is just sitting there in your head not ever being shared or used?  Blogging is new to me. I have read a few good ones over the years, I have even tried it a time or 2 without the discipline of sticking with it. Why was it so hard to stick with?  Maybe I wasn't sharing something I was passionate about.  Maybe I didn't see myself the way I needed to see myself. 

Last year was a time of reflection for me. It was time for me to take a long look in the mirror and see if I liked what I saw.  I was able to list some character traits about myself that, yes, I am proud to have.
  • I like to help others any way I can.
  • I started learning about things like doing benefits for people who truly needed help [worked on 3 of them just last year].
What was something I learned from organizing those benefits...I didn't have the income I desired to help others the way I wanted to.  I have been married 19 years [some of those years great ones, some not so great], for 19 years we have done the same thing day in and day out.  We get up, get our coffee, get dressed, rush out the door to give 8, 10, sometimes 12 or more hours of ourselves to an employer.  We have lived pay check to pay check and some pay checks just weren't enough...what can you do when there are no more hours to give?  The week of creation, God took the 7th day and called it holy, set apart as a day of rest...many of us aren't able to even take that day of rest and make ends meet...or so we think.  The truth is, we can't afford NOT to take that day of rest because our bodies are created to need that rest. You can't go very long without true rest...and communion with God.  Your body will wear out, wear down, and you will be sick and forced to rest in order to recuperate. You will end up with doctor bills, loss time at work, and feeling awful on top of that.  Is it worth it? I think not.

So, as I started seeing these things in myself, I started asking what I could do different...you know, what CHANGES could I make.  To the human being...CHANGE is an ugly word.  Our very nature fights it. We just don't like change, even if it is to better us.  I fought the resistance to change.  I faced fears one by one and I started this year making changes.  I started my home business, I have started decreasing debt, and learning all I can. I don't want to just absorb knowledge like a sponge though. I want to share what I learn and help others. It can never be all about me...if it is...then I have lost focus and need to regroup. 

Charity is the foundation of the world.  We need others in our lives. We need to help others in their time of need and even if that is giving out of our need rather than our abundance.  You want a blessing?  Bless someone else.  Don't give them the table scraps, sit them at the table with you and allow them to partake of the meat.  Don't do it expecting something in return...but do it out of love.

We live in a fast food, the faster the service, the happier we are...give me...kind of world today.  What if our forefathers had only thought about themselves?  What if they didn't consider the future generations? Where would we be? What freedoms would we have?  They pioneered and set up this great country we live in.  We have to stay focused on our Creator, we have to bless Him, cling to His truths, and not be deceived by everything out there.

As I work to grow my new home business, it is my prayer that it brings glory to God and that it is a blessing to others. If I gain from it as a result of this, I am happy. If I don't...then maybe I need to look in that mirror again and see if my priorities are where they should be.

I pray that you are blessed by this. May you have a blessed and safe day.
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Thank you,
Regina Sanders

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