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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Challenge

2011 started off as a year of new beginnings for me. I have started doing many things for the first time. One of those new beginning was starting my home business, Dixie Naturals. I absolutely love my new business. What in the world would make me choose to start a business now? I mean, the economy isn't the best in the world...if anything it is rather bleak...so why now? I knew my life needed a change. I talked with my husband about it all. Our conversation went something like this:
ME: "Something is missing, not right here. We have been doing the same thing year after year for the last 19 years and the results are still the same."
HIM: "What do you mean?"
          ME: "I mean, I am tired of the same ol' same ol'. We get up every morning, go to work. We spend long hours there away from our children, then we come home, eat dinner and get ready to do it all over again. As long as we are doing the same thing with no change, we will have the same results...and what are we gaining from these results? I want to start a business!"
  HIM: "OK. What kind of business?"
This one conversation started my research!  The possibilities are limitless! There is so much to choose from! I researched many different businesses for about a year. Finally, I found my match. I chose to go with a company which has a long history of producing and selling natural products. The start up costs were very workable with my budget and I have a wonderful team of people at my fingertips when I need help.

OK. So now I have a business. How do I market my business? How do I generate customers and team members? I make connections with people who have already ventured down this road and are willing to help newbies like me along the way. One of these fabulous people is Michele Scism of Decisive Minds, LLC.

Michele's purpose is one of the things that drew me to her work. "Besides my family I have one passion in life and that is to help other entrepreneurial women achieve the success in business that they deserve!"; taken from her website. I made a connection with Michele. Her heart and mine seem very similar in desiring to help others! It is through this connection with her that I learned of April's Ultimate Blog Challenge! It is my desire, through this challenge, to improve my blogging skills. Blogging is one avenue I chose to take to market my business. This is another of the "new beginnings" for me this year! They always say, "Practice makes perfect!", what better way to practice than through a challenge like this!

 You are never too old to learn. I believe that when you stop learning, you stop living! So, let's take this challenge, create new friendships, and learn together!



  1. Your last line is precious. ...... create new friends, and learn together.

    My blog link is http://onelilrose.webnode.com/blog/the-bible-in-90-days/

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Welcome to the Challenge, Regina! And Michele ROCKS. She's a valuable resource. :)

    I look forward to following your blog. We're a homeschooling family, too, so I enjoy connecting with other homeschooling work at home moms.

  3. Thanks Daphne and Michelle! I have been homeschooling since my oldest daughter started 2nd grade...about 10 years. She went to kindergarten and 1st grade in a private school...but funds weren't available to continue with that and I do not care for the public school system here. Teachers are great...but too much politics in the schools. Besides, I didn't want someone else raising my children. My oldest graduates next month! Hard to believe she is a young woman now. I am so happy to connect with you both! I pray you are blessed by something I write.

  4. We definitely need more new entrepreneurs creating new businesses to pull us out of this economic mess we are in. Welcome to the world of independent business owners! I'm proud of you for having the courage to start your new venture.

  5. Thank you, Sandra. I think many thought I was crazy for startinga business with the economy the way it is...but honestly, as long as you are doing things the same way you will never obtain different results. Same old, same old just wasn't working...it's time for a change. :)