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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fighting the Negativity Around You

I have read many blogs over the last few days. A lot of these spoke of overcoming fear. They were all very good and very insightful, but fear isn't the only thing we have to face and overcome. Negativity surrounds us every day; whether it is our own or someone else's.  It doesn't matter who it belongs to...it affects each of us.

 We have to fight off this negativity.  There are times when it is easier to be negative....but that gets us NO WHERE FAST!  NONE of us have to have negative attitudes. Bad things come at all of all of the time. The truth is WE HAVE A CHOICE IN HOW WE REACT TO THOSE THINGS!  We can join the pity party or we can shake it off!

This is a Eraser Ring aiming for the wearer to erase the negativity.
How do we fight it off? How do we erase the negativity surrounding us?  How do I do it?  There are many ways to do it. Here are a few examples of some:

I was around a particularly negative person today. I must say this person never has anything good to say and I am usually stuck around this person about 8 hours a day. How do I deal with them?  I have learned how to tune them out to a degree so I can tune out the negativity. When I can't do that, I look for other ways to ward it off. Today, for instance, I walked outside. The sun was shining warmly on me and the wind was blowing very hard. [As Winnie the Pooh would say, "it was a very blustery day!"] I stood in that wind with my face turned toward heaven and I said, "Lord, allow your winds to blow over and through me and cleanse. Blow off the negativity that surrounds me this moment and help me to see the good, the blessings you have provided me. Amen." I walked back inside saying to myself, "this has been a good day and it's not going to stop here!"  What did I do? I made a conscious decision NOT to be negative in return and let one bad apple spoil it all for me. I am so thankful that I CHOSE to see my blessings and continue to have a good day!

 This has become my motto! This is one of the things that helps me survive! Negativity leads to things like depression, low self esteem, bullying, and the list goes on.  So something unpleasant happens to us.  Everything that happens to us, good or bad, does so because God allowed it to. It could be a test of our faith, something used to draw us closer to Him!  What do you choose today?

I choose to be positive and pray that my positive attitude affects someone. May it turn some one's cloudy day into one filled with sunshine and hope. We can choose our reactions and we have to realize that our REACTIONS come with consequences just as our ACTIONS do...after all....a REACTION is another ACTION.

May you be blessed this day!


  1. Regina - amazing post. Negativity can seriously harm innocent unknowing people. I try and stay positive too but when I can't I try to be by myself just so that my vibe does not get someone.

  2. I try to stay positive as well. We are blessed with a creek on our property which has some pretty water falls. I like to walk down to the creek for a little peace and serenity. It helps to cleanse my soul...I guess is how you would state it. It calms me anyway. :) Thanks for your comments. I am trying to teach my daughters to find the positive in situations and repel the negatives.