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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring in the South

Spring in the South is almost like a glimpse of heaven. About 3 years ago we purchased our property....beautiful 12 acres with a pond and a beautiful creek. I like to get out and walk the property for peace and serenity. There is nothing like sitting on the bank at the creek just listening to the water and wind as it speaks to you. Our wonderful creator speaks to us through His creations. When my spirit is troubled, I can go there and find my peace in any circumstance. I am truly blessed.

Reflections in our pond

As I was walking our property this afternoon, I came to my daughter's peach tree. She worked hard planting this tree last summer. She dug the hole, watered, and nurtured this little tree. It is still small, but she will be harvesting the fruits of her labor this year! There are several baby peaches already on her tree. How heart warming to see something your children nurtured producing fruit.

This is one way God shows us about reaping what we sow. We reap our harvest of our labors such as the peaches on the tree, but we also reap the consequences of our thoughts and actions.  When someone wrongs you, you have a choice in the reaction you will have. You have a choice to forgive them or seek vengeance on them. What will you choose? Unforgiveness leads to a heart filled with bitterness and bitterness can lead to many health issues. You can be the most health conscious person, eating right, working out, etc...but if you allow the root of bitterness to take root in your heart, it can eat you alive and cause health problems and unhappiness. Forgive to be forgiven. Release the hurt feelings and replace them with love. Bless those who curse you...you will be blessed from this! We take care of our physical bodies, now let's include our emotional and spiritual bodies.

We have to have a balance in our lives. We are made of 3 parts...body, mind, and spirit. These 3 need to have a unity, a balance to function properly. We feed our physical bodies when they are hungry...do you feed your spiritual and emotional parts?
"How do you do this"; you might ask. Well, meditating daily on the Scriptures will feed your spiritual side but what about the mind? How do you feed your mind? As we feed our spiritual and physical bodies we nurture our minds, we make great connections with people who encourage us, we absorb things like a sponge. If we are continuously around negativity we, too, can become negative. Our minds are like computers, in a sense, if we put junk in we get junk out. What we feed our minds becomes apparent to others through our actions and words. We will bear fruit just as the fruit trees do.
This picture says a lot when it says "To Produce The Fruit, Nurture the Root". We have to have a foundation, water, and nutrition just as these trees do. Ground yourself...nurture your roots...feed the proper nutrition physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

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