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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Heart of A Mother Exposed to Horrific Loss

She sits there in her chair.  It's as if she is in a world of her own.  There are people all around her, each one tries to comfort her with a hug and a kind word. No one really knows what to say.  Many cannot begin to understand what she must be going through.  How tragic this is. She has just lost her child. How do you bring comfort in these situations?

The writers, producers, and Sally Field did an excellent job in Steel Magnolias letting the world see what a mother feels when she loses her child.  The rush of emotions all at once. The anger, the lack of answers to the many questions that rush through your head!

This is every mother's worse nightmare.  The 1st few days you are just numb.  The people are surrounding you and you know they are there....then, just as quickly as they came, they are gone.  The funeral is over and so are the visits, the phone calls.  Life goes back to normal for every one except you.  Life can never be normal for you again, because your beloved child has been taken from you.

You have to learn how to live again.  Most people give you a few weeks then they start to think, say things like, "You should be over this by now."  Don't listen to them.  It only makes you angrier.  You don't "get over" something like this.  You do, however, learn to accept it one day at a time.  As I have said in earlier posts, one day at a time is the only way to get through this. One baby step at a time. You will have good days and bad ones and for a while it feels like more bad than good.  But eventually, you realize you are living.  Life is never the same, but it is OK to be happy.  Your child would want you to be happy, be the mom they remember.  Don't try to go through this alone.  Get help! Ask for help!  There are many support groups, there are many people who have faced your tragedy and survived and are there to help you survive.  Lean on them!  That's why God has placed them in your path.

Your heart is shattered into a million pieces...but there is HOPE...one day at a time!


PS - Here is a free gift from one mom who has lost a child to another.  May you find peace which surpasses all understanding in this gift!  Grief, How Do You Deal With It?